Castles St. Andrews Bookmark


You’ll be mesmerized by the mystical qualities that exist here under the surf. The artist, Faith M. Davis, created this particular piece using a photograph she took in St. Andrews, Scotland and applied mixed media, including acrylic paint and markers, directly to the photo.
The Following Poem Is Displayed Underneath The Art:
“Distant sand dunes,
a silhouette in the setting sun.
The sky,
a beautiful mirage of color.
A glimpse of what it’s like in heaven.
This place,
an allusion to an ancient past.
When the earth was a peaceful unit,
and life was a spiritual experience.
Carry me on your wings.
A journey to these enchanting beaches.
So I can breathe in the mystic breezes,
and dance among the sands of your essence.”
~Faith M. Davis
  • 2.5 x 8.5
  • White Artist-Quality, Coated, Heavy Card Stock


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